Dean Putney

everyone's favorite Manic Pixie Dream Coder

I'm a developer / jack of all trades working for and living in San Francisco. I'm making a book from my great-grandfather's WWI photos, backed by Kickstarter. If you met me, we probably talked about one of these things: my wwi photo book my smiley faces my gif collection my photos

People have said these things about me:

"Dean Putney [is an] unapologetically snappy dresser."
- Mark Frauenfelder

"Dean, you are the Johnny Appleseed of weird awesomeness."
- SedanChair

"You're the guy who surprised everyone in the fantasy vagina!"
- Dan Shapiro

"You should follow @deanputney, everyone's favorite Manic Pixie Dream Coder."
- Red Scott

I've also worked for Institute for the Future,, Buyer's Best Friend and Youth Radio.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University's Information Systems department in December 2010. I'm now living in San Francisco, looking for stuff to do and to meet new interesting people.

If you're working on a cool project or need someone to help you get a cool project done, I want to hear about it.

This page is an experiment.